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Run for the hills this is horrible! Concussion - Watching NFL? Doesn't mean it's right, just saying that the internet being what it is, there was ample evidence that this WOULD happen.

They should own their failure instead of doing the whole "Dear internet, I'm suing you for existing. Subscribe for the latest gaming news. Women going naked in public. This world really has a problem with sexuality, hasn't it? Its possible that the scene was always going to be in the game until Anita Frequency happend and Sony or David Cage decided they didn't want the shitstorm.

Two Souls showing actress Ellen Page's character Jodie Holmes naked, according to reports from several sites this week. Beyond two sould nude. So, it's a great development for people who understand that games are the modern narrative device, and can achieve cinematic heights of emotion just like any other medium. So can we write David Cage off as a hypocrite yet? Go watch Antichrist, pretty sure it's still on netflix. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. The Best Friends hatred of all things David Cage brings me so much life.

In any case, if Sony wanted the discovery to go away, they should have just stayed quiet and let the brief interest in it flare up and quickly die. Check out what he's saying on Twitter and follow him on IGN.

Yeah, there's a fellow on reddit who keeps re-uploading the shots and linking. Big tit mexican sex. Congratulations - You're now a Level 30 Defoe Nakedologist and the game is thankfully over. But I have to admit it's a bit skeezey if they made the Jodie model fully nude without disclosing it to Page.

So can we all just fully admit that David Cage is a weirdo perv now? In the case of Beyond: Even if that's not okay Also yeah, why would you bother rendering all the naughty bits if you weren't going to show them anyway? I just meant that it just looks like a poorly done rendering of an otherwise very attractive young woman.

Instead they've built a stage around it and put a spotlight on it. Because of those debug menus a lone armchair warrior was able to enable free-camera and get a nice, good, juicy view of all the action Lots of people will still only see breasts being used to sell to kids.

It seems that while there was not meant to be explicit, full frontal nudity in Beyond: I don't get why everyone's so in love with her face to put her everywhere in videogames. Why are they so buttmad about this. Yeah, she's never been nude in a film, but she did rape a guy in Super.

Will Ellen Page go easy on Sony or will she feel truly violated that the massive game company in charge of developer Quantic Dream and David Cage failed to prevent such a thing from happening?

Her character model is never shown fully nude, nor is it possible to manipulate the game's camera to see her naked character.

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Its possible that the scene was always going to be in the game until Anita Frequency happend and Sony or David Cage decided they didn't want the shitstorm Admittedly he is a bloody idiot and that probably is a bigger factor. Download nude girls photos. A better Escapist Magazine. Two Souls Responding on February 4,Russell told Weil he'd, "started to look into this," but would need a few days to get all his facts together.

I wouldn't be surprised if people started labeling this as a good example of developers abusing actors and models by filling in the blanks they didn't say at the contract or paid for. Also it's kind of silly in the first place.

Join the conversation There are no comments about this story. Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos. Well the game actually made me like Ellen Page, idk I prefer it at, to 'the last of us'. Sony will never come anywhere close to getting this to go away and are just gonna have to bite the bullet if they get sued for it, because they certainly have the right to do so.

Why would Quantic Dream or Sony have the characters nude body in a full-detail? Now whether or not there are areolas and nipples or not is up to the artist, but there's generally no reason for them.

Debuggers, hackers and information pilfers aren't done sifting the likes of Beyond: It also resulted in a class-action lawsuit. Beyond two sould nude. Congratulations - You're now a Level 30 Defoe Nakedologist and the game is thankfully over. Naked trailer park trash. They didn't "keep it". She has a right to be frustrated with this, but honestly, this is not her body, it is a video game model. You know, I actually have some respect for someone who will render something in detail even if it is unlikely it will ever be seen.

Last updated by Eddie Makuch on October 23, at 9: This has nothing to do with sex in gaming and everything to do with "Oh, you goddamned pervs, what the bloody hell".

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Why is it there? Why are they so buttmad about this. Two Souls has become a whole lot more revealing than either she or Sony intended, thanks to the slightly creative use of a PS3 dev kit.

What they did was gross. The studio's last game, Heavy Rainincluded a scene where character Madison could be seen nude. Lots of people will still only see breasts being used to sell to kids. Funnily enough, some users have been asking Page on Twitter if she actually did a full nude body scan for Beyondbut it doesn't look like there's a lot of responsive chatter about the now infamous scene.

I can also imagine Ellen Page suing David and Co.

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Instead, programmers and artists at the game's development studio, France-based Quantic Dream, created a fully rendered naked model of Page's in-game character, Jodie. Willem Dafoe's also going to be in that as well, but apparently von Trier's using porn actors as body doubles. Page's attorney attempted to work out a fix with the game's developer, Quantic Dream, first, the emails say.

The source also noted that although the developers of the game disallowed access for cheats, the free-camera functionality was left enabled! But seriously, why is she in it at all? Wouldn't that be the end of the world? Russell said that the game's developer is ultimately culpable for the content of the game, not its publisher, Sony.

She's most likely had to deal with the photoshopped stuff of her already, and Yvonne's character and likeness are never in danger of being confused for someone who is underage as in certain B: So can we all just fully admit that David Cage is a weirdo perv now? I would really appreciate if you can take the story down to end the cycle of discussion around this. X videos mature lesbians. I'm not sure that characterizations of Page as a "victim" really ring true, since it's really just a matter of her face being shopped onto a CGI body, but it sure doesn't cast anyone on the production side of the coin - and particularly David Cage - in a very good light.

When we originally wrote about Beyond:

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